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Design Services

Egg has garnered much success developing interiors with a unique design vision that answers the brief but adds a design language that results in our interiors being cohesive, luxurious, classic yet edgy.

Our Mission

To deliver unique, in line with each client’s brief, beautifully crafted and layered residential interiors as well as creating bespoke interiors for the hospitality industry.

It is imperative to us that, all our furniture, lighting and interiors abide by the philosophy of “is it Egg enough”, what does this mean. It is a question we ask ourselves to ensure that each design is distinctive and special enough, that it has enough uniqueness and stands apart, that it is luxurious, that it is forward thinking, that it is filled with character and personality and that it makes you smile and feel happy. Always unique, never generic.

To ensure this Egg designs specific furniture and lighting pieces for each new installation, these pieces become the signature of the spaces to ensure that they remain unique.

Our Design to Delivery Process:

Egg Designs offers a full turnkey interior service, executed as follows:

  1. Brief From Client & Budget Planning
  2. Design & Creative Concept Presentation
  3. Design & Technical Data Document Development
  4. Project evaluation & Budget Review
  5. Project Implementation 

Professional Services Fees Structure:

Egg works within a well defined and established framework.

Using the “South African Institute of the Interior Designs Profession’s Guidelines” (IID) our professional fee is typically 15% of the final total project value.