Egg Signature

Egg Signature is our most prized collection, being a highly crafted bespoke product line manufactured by a small group of skilled artisans.

Almost every item ordered is customised to the individual requests of our customers making them unique, individual and fit for space and purpose.

Egg Signature are contemporary antiques and artworks of the future.

Please note all prices are quoted as a guide only depending on final specifications.

Rosette Server R 81,565
Rosette Drinks Cabinet R 88,261
Big Crocco Lounge Chair
Big Croco Cabinet R 74,920

Big Croco Desk R 37,739
Burlesque Dining Table R 78,696
Ostrich Foot Coffee Table
Bug Armoire R 54,087

Desert Rose Locker R 93,565
Bug Modular Shelf R 67,913
Jozi Parquet Shelf R 31,739
Swing Chair Leather