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The Founders of Egg

Founded by South Africans and life partners, Greg and Roche Dry - Egg is a unique perspective in contemporary furniture inspired with a soul that’s deeply rooted in the African continent.

We believe Egg has a distinctive African design dialect.

We dream that our products will not only be judged by their function and form, but by the beauty of their eternal narrative.

In everything we create we must answer the question, “Is it Egg enough?”

Egg, is a spirited blend of heritage, passion, meaning and African soul. It stands the test of time. It’s curiosities that make you smile. It’s love and truth that can be seen from afar and equally found in the minutest details. 

That’s why every piece we craft comes from Africa and carries within it a part of the African soul. We’re a melting pot of tribal craft, African heritage and modern luxurious expression.

“If it’s not Egg enough, it’s not worth doing!”

We have widened the prism of contemporary African design in Modern Antiques, high-end Furniture, lighting and custom interiors inspired by an African provenance for a modern, international customer.